Two shows next week

We're gonna play two shows next weekend.
1.3. (Fri) Tampere, Vastavirta w/Maailmanloppu, Famine Year, Tinner
2.3. (Sat) Turku, Räkärokki w/Maailmanloppu, Kylmä Sota, Yleislakko...

We've been rehearsing now with the new line-up. The band is now better than ever.
Here is some footage from the rehearsals.
And remember:
"Nimikirjoitukset rintojen väliin kuuluvat tähän hommaan, ne ovat tätä päivää." - Matti Nykänen


12" finally out, new line-up, upcoming shows

Hello, ever since our European Tour in April we've been in somewhat slowmode and it has also affected the update frequency of this blog...
The mentieoned European Tour was great and we made bunch of good friends and most importantly played some great shows all over the continent
So the "Realities of Life" 12" is out now, get yours from Tampere Hardcore Coalition or Kämäset Levyt.
Check out one track frome the record: Lost in the City

Since last update we've had some problems with our line-up and due to them we've been forced to part ways with Tomi and Joonas. Replacements have been found and our new guitar player Antti has even shared the guitar duties along side with Seve and Tomi on few past shows this summer. Welcome aboard!
Finding a suitable new singer was a bigger task and we were forced to get one from Germany. His name is Janne and he's our old friend. He has been in some bands before to mention few Absurd Attitude, Unkind and Herätys.
Welcome aboard as well!

We shall play two shows with new line-up early next year. The shows will be on the first weekend of March. More info will follow. We are expecting our next release(s) to be out by then. Let's see how it turns out. We've recorded everything and now we are just adjusting the final details with labels and then the records will be pressed.
We recorded 3 old songs that are still on the bandcamp page (and were supposed to come out as a 7") last summer and we are still wondering what to do with them, hah...
Maybe a 7", maybe something else.

Our next recording sesssion will be for a split 12" with a Greek hardcore punk band. We've some tracks in the works for that but can't really say that they are ready to be recorded anytime soon...
Also a new European Tour is in the plans but it will not happen before summer/autumn.


European Tour approaching and upcoming 12"

Hey, 12" was sent to pressing plant some days ago. It will be released 13th of March in Potsdam.

Here's the dates of our upcoming tour:
(still some dates need to be fixed if you can help e-mail us: backlashfinland(at)gmail.com)

Crude&Backlash: Never gonna give up the fight - fight 'till the end tour:
8.3. Vastavirta, Tampere (FIN) w/Selfish, Ward, Sink
9.3. Lepakkomies, Helsinki (FIN) w/Selfish, Kovaa Rasvaa
10.3. "Tuttu paikka", Turku (FIN) w/Selfish, Kovaa Rasvaa, Noituus
11.3. DAY OFF!!!
12.3. Stengade, Copenhagen (DEN) w/Dogmatist
13.3. Black Fleck, Potsdam (GER) w/Overpower
14.3. Hafenklang, Hamburg (GER)
15.3. Crowbar, Groningen (NL) w/TBA
16.3. AJ, Mülheim (GER) w/Fuck the Facts
17.3. Carlo Levi, Liege (BEL) w/TBA
18.3. Bar l'excalibur, Reims (FRA) w/Petit Chacal, Walker Texas Ranger
19.3. La Miroiterie, Paris (FRA) w/TBA
20.3. The Chamaleon, Nottingham (UK) w/ FUK & Endless Grinning Skulls
21.3. Wharf Chambers, Leeds (UK) w/TBA
22.3. Bristol County Sports Club, Bristol (UK) w/TBA
23.3. The Grosvenor, London (UK) w/Stab, Discarded
24.3. Villa Friekens, Amsterdam (NL)

And these shows will be without Crude:

25.3. DAY OFF, Amsterdam
26.3. House Show, Bielefeld (GER) w/La Casa Fantom (Nor)
27.3. Koma F, Berlin (GER) w/TBA
28.3. Amsterdam Club, Torun (PL)
29.3. 7 Grzechow/Dom Rzemiosla, Belchatow (Poland)
30.3. Vrah, Roznov (CZ) w/TBA
31.3. Final Club, Prague (CZ) w/DCOI, Destruct, Mad Pigs, Demarche
1.4. TBA, Czech
2.4. TBA, Vienna
3.4. Zoro, Leipzig (GER) w/The Capaces (Spain), Batalj (Mix)
4.4. TBA, Germany
5.4. TBC, Germany
6.4. Härden, Gothenburg (SWE) w/Brottskod 11 + TBA
7.4. Iinsikten, Jönköping (SWE)
8.4. Boltic Stugan, Karlastad (SWE) w/Inhale My Disaster


Mad Pigs (cz) in Finland

We are gonna play some shows with our friends Mad Pigs from Brno in January.
The dates are following:

Wed 18th TBA, Turku w/Ekaria (http://diyturku.net/forum/index.php/topic,465.0.html)
Thu 19th Lepakkomies, Helsinki w/TBC
Fri 20th Ilokivi, Jyväskylä w/Porco Dio, The Carnival
Sat 21st Ykän Pubi, Oulu w/Porco Dio, The Carnival
Sun 22nd Kahvila Hertta, Tampere w/Arrestum, Massacre PUNK IS DANGER VOL 7

Poster coming later.


Back from Russia...

Back home, huh. It was a blast. Maximum respect towards Sanya who put the whole thing together. We played in Luga, Petrozavodsk and St Petersburg. Amazing, absolutely amazing. We'd like to thank Piitse for driving and Kohu-63 for sitting with us in the van.

No more shows this year. But there's plenty of them in the works for next year:

January Finnish tour with Mad Pigs (cz)
(wed) 18th TBA, Turku
(thu) 19th TBC
(fri) 20th Ilokivi, Jyväskylä w/TBA
(sat) 21st TBC
(sun) 22nd Hertta, Tampere w/Arrestum

We'll be touring around Europe 8th of March - 8th of April.


News November 2011

The 7" is project is delayed as always... Will post more when there's more to tell, hah. Now we are focusing on few shows in Finland and Russia this week.
We are going to record some new tunes in January. There's also a European Tour in the works in March/April. If you want us to play in your city write to: backlashfinland(at)gmail.com


Whole 7" on the Bandcamp

All 3 tracks from our upcoming 7" can be now found on the bandcamp (www.backlashfinland.bandcamp.com). Check them out.
Our short trip to Russia with Kohu-63 in November is coming together. Looking forward to it!

Last Saturday's show here in Tampere with Absolutist was one of the best we've played so far, thanks to everyone who showed up.

Next gig will be once again at Kahvila Hertta in Tamperer with Burial from Germany and Vapaa Maa from Tampere. Looking forward to it as well.

Feel free to contact us backlashfinland(at)gmail.com